About Us

About Kleckner & Sons

Kleckner & Sons is your source for quality home products at low prices. Offering major appliances, electronics, furniture, and bedding, we don’t just match the savings offered by big-box retailers, but give our customers a level of service and personal care that can’t be found anywhere else.

You’ll notice the difference the minute you step into our showroom. As a fourth-generation family business that’s been around since 1945, we’ve learned just how important it is to build relationships with customers that last. That’s why our employees aren’t just knowledgeable, but focused on your satisfaction. We even service the brands and products we sell, and have our own employees handle deliveries!

You can buy furniture, appliance, or electronics anywhere, but why settle for low prices when you can have it all? At Kleckner & Sons, service is our most important product. Stop by today to see the difference for yourself!